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Consider this: It's Your Business.

Why pick a provider? Choose a merchant partner whom you can trust!

Prodigy Payment Systems is founded on flawless processing, cutting-edge network communication and competitive pricing. The heart of Prodigy is customer service at its best. Join the Prodigy network and see non-cash purchase payments increase your revenue by more than 30% in just one year!

Get the Total Merchant Solution.

Stop terminal juggling! Introducing The Clear Advantage from Prodigy.

The Clear Advantage gives your business the processing security and flexibility it needs. Whether your business is new to electronic payment systems, or you are looking for the best upgrade available, the Clear Advantage offers you variety of features and configuration options, that are both state of the art and cost-effective.

Got Questions? Need Support?

Prodigy prides itself on worldclass customer service and tech support.

The merchant services solution you choose for your business should be smooth from start to finish. Thatís why we hire the best customer service representatives and the most knowledgeable technical support associates. We aim to make your Prodigy experience perfect.

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Apply today and be up and running as soon as the next business day!*

Itís absolutely easy to get the merchant application ball rolling. Start by filling out our simple preliminary questionnaire and a Prodigy Payment Systems Merchant Specialist will follow up with you within 24-hours. Apply today and get a terminal upgrade once you have been approved! What are you waiting for? Get started right now!

Merchant Account Affiliate Program

Opportunites abound when you affiliate with Prodigy Payment Systems.

Electronic payments are the wave of the future, and thereís never been a more perfect time to join the Prodigy financial team. Are you interested in supplementing your businessí income by becoming a part of our team? Offer our suite of merchant products and services today!